Myth and folklore are and always have been, ever present in society. They bring people together and give them direction. They have played an integral role in structuring civilizations and an important part in helping people express ideas and share values. Cultures create their own myths and these myths then become the characteristics of that culture. The two are constantly changing and reinvented over time.

The most obvious contemporary catalyst contributing to the vitality of myth in today’s culture is technology and the internet. The World Wide Web provides boundless resources for exploring myth. It is a forum for discussion and most importantly a haven for interaction. With that in mind, we should ask ourselves, how is myth received in this digital environment?

This project aspires to closely examine the different versions of Tale Type 2033 and 20C, relate how they influence culture and how they are portrayed in modern media. I chose to critique the stories identified by D.L. Ashliman first, and then compare the different versions of Henny Penny and Chicken Little (that being the most commonly retold version). Imagine the trouble Henny Penny could have caused if she used the internet to tell the world the sky was falling! And there you have the internet’s weakness, it is technology for the masses. Without credible sources ideas can run amok, and just like in the tales featured on this page, it can be dangerous but it can also be fun!

Since half the fun is in the sharing, I invite and encourage anyone to leave a comment, participate in the poll, or share links! This is your sounding board, a working example of how myth is used today.

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One Response to “About this project”

  1. Jeffers Says:

    Hey I don’t know if this is OK but I wanted to leave some comments. So here goes. I think this is cool. What about movies like Chicken Little or War of the Worlds or Independence Day and the list goes on.Good luck with you project.

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