An Introduction!

April 15, 2008

To blog or not to blog…

A question folklorists may often ask is “how are myths and folktales changing?”. Part of the answer to that question is that they are becoming interactive on a whole new level. Storytellers of the past, when myth was primarily shared by oral tradition, engaged their audiences through participation. They could see their audience and change their tone, answer questions or chuckle at reactions and interruptions. They could be reminded when they missed a step in the plot, or forgot to mention a character. Those interactions are lost in text and books lack the capacity for readily available means of providing feedback. Alas, now there is the blog! Aside from storytelling in chat rooms, the blog is the closest that technology may get to two-way interactive story sharing.

This site is set up so that you can read a little or a lot and still come away with something. You can start anywhere and go as you please. Technology allows us to learn, gain information and have fun through unrestricted exploration. I want this to be an example of how myth interacts with technology and how it is not just something found in books or told to us by our elders. I chose to do a blog because it is a way to showcase how myths are created by people. If myth is anything it is deeply personal and the best way to take advantage of that would be to examine it outside the confines of an academic paper.

Finally, as mentioned before, the beauty of the internet is that it allows you to take something and give something in return. I invite anyone to share their ideas or opinions and post pictures or links based on the topics discussed! Enjoy!

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