–The Tales on TV–

Over the years there have been several programs to remake or include versions of Chicken Little as part of their episodes. They are primarily animated and geared toward children like the U.S. Acres short “Badtime Story” from Garfield & Friends (which I was unfortunately unable to get a hold of). There have been no serious televised undertakings for any of the versions. Sadly, Henny Penny was not included in Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theater Series.

However, here is a humorous rendition from the popular sitcom “Golden Girls”. Their version of Henny Penny in musical sketch format appeared in Season 6, Episode 6 which aired in May 1991.

If you watch none of the videos on this site, at least watch this one. Although the plot follows almost identically to the original tales, lack of pronouns and all, Sophia’s ad-libbing is definitely worth the watch. And the tales characters fit so well with the Golden Girls individual personalities with Rose as Henny Penny, Blanche as Goosey-Loosey and Dorothy as Turkey-Lurkey.

What’s very interesting about their version of Henny Penny is Rose’s plight at the end. She turns the act of “watching” the sketch into an interaction with the audience by asking them to applaud in order to see the characters live.

–Apocalypse in Hollywood–

There are countless films from around the world that deal with the subject of the end of the world and even more that delve into the cause and consequence of mass hysteria. However, in 1998, not one but TWO films were released in an apocalyptic blockbuster summer where the sky actually was falling. “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact” had similar plots about an asteroid plummeting toward the Earth. Mass hysteria was only apparent in “Deep Impact”. The presence of animals was lacking but there was no shortage of melodrama and special effects.

For a comprehensive list of apocalypse in media visit: “It’s the end of the world as we know it…again!”

Speaking of apocalypse, check out Doomsday culture & Urban Myths! Or look at the different Disney faces of Chicken Little.

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